Moving Forward, porcelain, ceramic decal, 2015, photo credit: Dale Roddick

Body Interrupted (Detail), earthenware, ceramic decal, 2016, photo credit: Heidi McKenzie

Postmarked (Detail), porcelain, ceramic decal, 2017, photo credit: Heidi McKenzie

Illuminated (Detail), porcelain, ceramic decal, wood, metal, LED fixtures, 2020, photo credit: Dale Roddick

Building Blocks (Detail), stoneware, iron-oxide decal, 2020, photo credit: Ali Kazimi

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Volume 7, Number 4

In this issue

Moving Forward - Postmarked Cubes. Photo credit: Dale Roddick

Moving Forward, 11cm x 11cm x 11cm "cubes", porcelain/iron-oxide ceramic decal, 2015, photo credit: Dale Roddick.

With Volume 7, Number 4, and since its relaunch in September 2017, three more volumes of Rungh magazine come to an end. Over the past three volumes (12 issues), Rungh has engaged with more than a hundred artists and contributors, reestablished its Rungh Readings series, nurtured archival projects that explores the 1990s and it relevance to current cultural conversations, and engaged in arts advocacy from IBPOC perspectives.

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