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Rungh documents, when possible, its various programming initiatives and events.
Random Acts of Legacy
Random Acts of Legacy

Ali Kazimi's ground breaking archival feature documentary, Random Acts of Legacy, was launched at Emily Carr University on February 9, 2018. View the filmmaker being interviewed by Professor Chris Lee, with introduction by Professor Henry Tsang. Project Lead, Zakir Jamal Suleman and video produced by Adam and Noal Amir. Watch the video.

Rungh Relaunch
Rungh Relaunch
Rungh was relaunched on February 10, 2018 at Centre A in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. Hosted by David Ng and Jen Sungshine, featured readings were by Rahat Kurd, Sadhu Binning, Phinder Dulai and Junie Desil. Nurjehan Aziz, Ali Kazimi, Prem Gill and Tyler Russel provided remembrances of Rungh’s past and good wishes for the relaunch. The Project Lead for the event was Zakir Jamal Suleman, with live music by Moondle Band and Music Curation by David Laulinen, Jerry Gill and Zakir Jamal Suleman. Videos produced by Adam and Noal Amir. Watch the videos.
Rungh Screens
Rungh features videos and other recordings as a part of it’s Screens feature section. Watch the videos.
Done with Diveristy
Done with ‘Diversity': Reframing the future for Indigenous & Racialized Artists in Canada

Roundtable conversation with Valerie Sing Turner, Taran Kootenhayoo, Margo Kane, and Pia Massie. September 29, 2019. This conversation was a part of two events funded by the City of Vancouver’s Culture Shift engagement process in 2019, which led to the City of Vancouver adopting a new cultural policy framework entitled, Culture Shift. Watch the video.