Volume 5, Issue 2
 | January 2018

In this issue

Every so often there is a gathering of artists that seems pivotal on the national stage. Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires (PC/Cp) was such a Gathering (not a conference, you will note!).

In five separate pieces, Rungh explores PC/Cp and its implications for the Canadian arts scene. An interview with Directors Chris Creighton-Kelly and France Trépanier, is joined by three pieces of Reflection by artists Samaqani Cocahq, David Garneau, and Zab Maboungou (Zab’s piece is in English and French). Tara Hogue’s review of Deconstructing Comfort at the Open Space gallery (featuring seven of the artists at PC/Cp), rounds out the PC/Cp feature in this issue of Rungh.

The activist art of Farrah Marie Miranda is featured in Rungh’s Artist Run Centre (and in the banners), with text by Tara Atluri. It will make you think about the food you eat and how it gets to your table.

Scheherazaad Cooper reviews the physical theatre in Encounter and reflects upon the challenges of translating a Bengali short story to the performance stage.

For jazz maniacs, Rungh provides a review by David Adler of new recordings by Rudresh Mahanthappa (Agrima) and Rez Abbasi (Unfiltered Universe). Let it not be said that Rungh does not offer its readers the universe, and more!


Primary Colours / Couleurs primaires

Primary Colours / Couleurs primaires

A landmark gathering of artists
Primary Colours/ Couleurs Primaires was a gathering of artists held on Lekwungen territories, near Victoria, British Columbia from September 23-26, 2017. Rungh has compiled five different pieces with differing perspectives on this landmark national event.
Multilayered Encounter

Multilayered Encounter

Physical Theatre Review

Encounter tells the story of Dopdi Mehjen, an indigenous woman and necessity-driven revolutionary, who is eventually captured and tortured by the authorities.

By Scheherazaad Cooper

Fruitful Lives and Deaths

Fruitful Lives and Deaths

The Art of Farrah Marie Miranda and the Question of Dignity
Farrah Miranda’s installations, Produce Party and Speaking Fruit pose lingering questions regarding the possibility of dignity in the context of global capitalism.

By Tara Atluri

The Indo-Pak Coalition, Agrima (self-released) Rez Abbasi’s Invocation, Unfiltered Universe (Whirlwind Recordings)

Unfiltered Universe and Agrima

New Jazz Releases Reviewed

The latest jazz releases from Rudresh Mahanthappa and Rez Abbasi are reviewed.

By David Adler

Reviews & More

The Great Welcome: A PC/Cp Reflection
We Continue to Walk: A PC/Cp Reflection
An Uncertain Latitude
The Indo-Pak Coalition, Agrima (self-released) Rez Abbasi’s Invocation, Unfiltered Universe (Whirlwind Recordings)
Multilayered Encounter: Physical theatre review

Artist Run Centre

Deconstructing Comfort: A PC/Cp Art Review
Frutiful Lives and Deaths

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