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Volume 6, Number 4

In This Issue

Travailleurs Gais Solidarité

Early Pride march, Montreal, c. 1972.

This special issue of Rungh focusses on Film and Video, continuing a tradition that links to Volume 1, Number 3 (1992) and Volume 3, Number 1 (1995).


Changing brands, shifting sites and sights

A refection on 5X Festival's programming challenges. | Read more.

Reflections on Bolo Bolo

HIV/AIDS, 'Black Arts', and LGBTQ rights. | Read more.

Passing 'through the land'

Knowledges, introductions and labour in institutional shapeshifting. | Read more.

Fluid Identities

Beyond Destinations curatorial essay | Read more.

More in this Issue


Repetition is not repetition

Chimerik 似不像 pays tribute to Pina Bausch | Read more.

The poetics of fragility

Transmedia explores trauma. | Read more.
Reviews / Reflections

Streams coming together

1990's video in Vancouver and beyond | Read more.

Reorganizing orientalist constructions

Reflections on 'identity' and 'belonging' | Read more.

Exploring Honour

A Mumbai Courtesan in Montréal | Read more.