Primary Colours/ Couleurs primaires

Engaging in Centering IBPOC arts and culture
Idle No More II. Pastel on paper. 16 x 16 inches. 2013. Artist: David Garneau.

Idle No More II. Pastel on paper. 16 x 16 inches. 2013.
Artist: David Garneau.

Rungh was relaunched in September 2017 on Lekwungen territories, near Victoria, British Columbia, at the Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires gathering. Rungh is an Incubation Partner with PC/Cp and is committed to carrying on the conversations started at PC/Cp. As a part of Rungh’s continuing (since 1992) journey towards centering IBPOC artists and communities within Canada’s art systems, Rungh has published a series of pieces in Volume 5, Number 2 and is committed to publishing more.

Culture Shift – Host Your Engagement

Rungh has been engaged in various communities initiatives. In 2018, Rungh was a founding member of a Host Your Engagement event funded by the City of Vancouver, with Love Intersections Society (funding lead) (David Ng), Full Circle First Nations First Nations Performance (Margo Kane), Visceral Visions (Valerie Sing Turner) , and Britannia Centre Art Gallery (Haruko Okano). The City of Vancouver was engaged in the Creative City Strategy (now known as Culture Shift) and the two engagement events were held in 2018.

IBPOC social innovation lab – Vancouver Foundation

In 2019, Rungh has been a part of "IBPOC social innovation lab" project with Love Intersections Society, Full Circle First Nations Performance, Visceral Visions, and Britannia Centre Art Gallery, as part of a Vancouver Foundation funded initiative.