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Samaqani Cocahq (Natalie Sappier)

Samaqani Cocahq

(Natalie Sappier)

Natalie grew up in Tobique First Nation, New Brunswick. She began as a visual artist, inspired by ceremonial teachings, language and surroundings. The roots of her painting and designs came from the traditional motifs that she would see on regalia and birch bark etching as a child. Painting is a way of waking up sleeping teachings of her Wolastoq People that she felt needed to be heard-but now she feels that the stories need be louder than her painting can speak. Natalie is currently finished her first play “Finding Wolastoq Voice” which will also include original music created by the artist and will is part of Theatre New Brunswick’s touring season with a visit to Toronto’s Native Earth Performing arts centre. Although today, Natalie is exploring with performance based art she will always continue to paint and navigate creativity through other mediums of expression. She has a passion for sharing stories and engaging with people through sharing of public works and workshops. Natalie is a storyteller, and she believes her purpose is to share the stories of First People of the lands and waters of New Brunswick for the history to be remembered-for the tradition and culture to continue and for the relationship with all we share lands hope to grow in unity.

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