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Mathilde Benignus

Mathilde Benignus

Version française

Mathilde Benignus works both as a documentary filmmaker and performance artist. Her working topics are related to folk tales and woman matters and often takes place in city suburbs or in the nearest forest.

She collaborates with channels such as ARTE and ZDF, Deutsche Welle Radio, NPR Radio Berlin and with independent companies such as Portrait Sonore (Montréal) Rimini Protokoll (Berlin), Porte Parole (Montréal), Le Fil Rouge Théâtre (Strasbourg), Portrait Sonore (Montréal) and Un Loup Pour l'Homme.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from the University of Strasbourg, a Master in Theater Studies , another Master in Journalism from the University of Brussel and finally a Master in Documentary Filmmaking from the Institut of Media Arts.

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