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Rungh - Volume 7, Number 2 is NOW available
"Time gloves" detail - seed beads, bugle beads, horsehair, photo credit: Isaac Forsland
"Time gloves" detail - seed beads, bugle beads, horsehair, photo credit: Isaac Forsland

Since 1992, Rungh Readings, a program inline with our local, regional, and national commitment to creating 'new' intersected communities and stories, has provided a platform to feature new and established voices.

Rungh Volume 7, Number 2 features video recordings of the Rungh Readings that took place in 2019, two of which reactivated some of Rungh's archive issues.

Keep reading to find out what's in Rungh's newest issue and don't forget to check out our archive and previous issues.

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'Bundled Objects' - repurposed braided fabric, found cinder blocks, quartz. Photo credit: Isaac Forsland.
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Poetry, Song, Reflection & Archive Reactivation

Summer Block Party
Rungh Readings with Hogan's Alley Society

Summer Block Party was a 2019 partnership event with Hogan’s Alley Society and Rungh. The event featured an “archive reactivation” of Rungh’s Antiracism issue (Volume 4, Number 1&2) (Guest Edited by Ashok Mathur and Sourayan Mookerjea).

Watch artists Darcy McFadden, Patrick Pouponneau, and Naomi Grace reactivate some of the featured work on the themes of antiracism from the archive issue, alongside sharing some of their own work.

Darcy McFadden, Patrick Pouponneau and Naomi Gracechild -  Rungh Readings at Hogan's Alley Summer Block PartyRungh Readings Performer Photos

Rungh Readings at Vancouver Art Book Fair

Video recordings from Rungh Readings at the Vancouver Art Book Fair in October 2019 are now available.

Head over to Rungh for poetry, readings, and archive reactivations by Sadhu Binning, Phinder Dulai, Jessica John, Isabella Wang, Patrick Pouponneau, Sunera Thobani, Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Carolyn Nakagawa.

Vancouver Art Book Fair

Rungh Readings with Full Circle First Nations Performance

Indigenous and South Asian women poets in conversation

Rungh, in partnership with Full Circle: First Nations Performance, hosted an afternoon of poetry and discussion with artists Jessica Johns, Sana Janjua, Fauzia Rafique, and Wanda John-Kehewin.

Watch and listen to these artists' readings and stories and don't miss the post-reading conversation exploring the artists' process, intergenerational transmission of knowledge, connection to land, struggle, and identity.

Reviews & Reflections

'T.P.' - Toilet paper, seed beads, photo credit: Fazakas Gallery.
'T.P.' - Toilet paper, seed beads, photo credit: Fazakas Gallery.

Holding the Hands of Her Ancestors

An insight into artist Audie Murry as she 'disrupts time with her creations'.

Visiting and revisiting loves

Shani Mootoos' Polar Vortex reviewed.

Read an excerpt from Polar Vortex by Shani Mootoo.

'T.P.' - Toilet paper, seed beads, photo credit: Fazakas Gallery.
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