Rungh Programs

Rungh is committed to new projects to animate its archive to create new conversations and connections between “then” and "now".
Recollective: Vancouver Independent Archives Week 2018/2019
Recollective: Vancouver Independent Archives Week 2018/19
A series of free public events, panels, conversations, and screenings, which took place from November 2 – 13, 2018 highlighting artist-run centre archives, artists working with archives, and the intersections between contemporary art practices and social movements in Vancouver.
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Art and Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thone
Art and Feminism WikipediaEdit-a-thon
Rungh is committed to documenting art stories. Art + Feminism is an international documentation project that directly addresses the information gap about gender, feminism, and the arts on the internet. In partnership with various galleries and artist spaces, Rungh held events in 2019 (with the Surrey Art Gallery and with Centre A) and has planned events in 2020.
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Longing and Belonging: 1990s South Asian Film and Video
1990's Film and Video: Reflections on 'identity' and 'belonging'
Rungh partnered with the 2019 DOXA Documentary Film Festival to co-curate and co-present a programming stream exploring some of the body of work created by South Asian artists during the 1990’s. In addition to the screening of the films and videos, Rungh also published a Special Issue, Volume 6, Number 4 with newly commissioned essays, and more.
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Engaging in Centering IBPOC arts and culture
Engaging in Centering IBPOC arts and culture
Rungh is engaged in a journey with PC/Cp to place IBPOC artists and their communities at the centre of Canadian art making.
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